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Theme Previews borking in WPMu 2.7.1

The last few days I have been doing the arduous work of making sure the BuddyPress admin bar and D’Arcy’s Akismet Credit Inserter plugin work cleanly with all the themes on UMW Blogs. It’s painstaking work, but pretty important if BuddyPress is going to go live this fall. So, anyway, as I was […] Continue reading

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Is UMW Blogs really open?

Image credit: Tambako the Jaguar’s “Croccodile with open mouth”
Something struck me this morning as I was reading the comments from Mike Caulfield, Jared Stein, and Jim Doran on Brad Efford’s The Play-List blog. Here are three people who are not part of the UMW community per se, but who just might want to contribute a […] Continue reading

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NextGen Gallery

have been envying Lafayette College’s NextGen Gallery goodness in their WPMu Pilot, and after finally setting aside some time I installed the plugin and played with it (you can find it  here).  It worked pretty much out-of-the-box, the only issue I ran into was that I had to disable the flash uploader in the […] Continue reading

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There have been a few people expressing interest in getting together and talking about using WordPress and WPMu for education here in Fredericksburg. And I imagine there might be some others out there, so I’m proposing an informal gathering called WordCampFred that will focus on using WP/WPMu for schools. It will not have any presentations, […] Continue reading

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Integrating MediaWiki into BuddyPress Activity Streams

Boone Gorges developed this pretty slick extension for MediaWiki which makes the loose integration of MediaWiki, WPMu, and BuddyPress that much more useful. You can read his post about the extension here, but short version is that edits made in MediaWiki by anyone within the user community will show up in the BuddyPress activity feed. […] Continue reading

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Reason #7,000,001 to use WPMu on campus

With over 7 million users on, chances are that a number of faculty and students are bound to be familiar with the application at your campus. Case in point, a faculty member new to blogging at UMW just came in for a consultation, and while she was new to UMW Blogs and hasn’t used blogs […] Continue reading

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A random bug and an memory error in WPMu 2.7.1

Update: The following error was caused by wp-cache.php. I disabled the file and WP-Super-Cache for the moment, and we’ll see if an upgrade of WP-Super-Cache doesn’t solve this error.
Every user that is not an admin on UMW Blogs seemed to be getting the following error in the header of the administrative backend:
Warning: Invalid argument supplied […] Continue reading

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Secure Sign-in for WPMu

Image credit: Steve Rhodes’ “Bank of America security giving me the finger during the Iraq war protest”
OK, I need some help here. I am trying to make sure everything we do on UMW Blogs is covered under SSL, and while we have the SSL certificate for UMW Blogs, we don’t have the dynamic subdomain […] Continue reading

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My tractor for a wiki farm

Image credit: gem66’s “Farm Tractor and Family”
The recent annoucnement and sharing of the various extensions and code that enables user integration between WPMu and MediaWiki, I have once again returned to the idea of make the UMW Blogs Wiki a MediaWiki farm. The blog needs a new theme, I know, but more importantly, we need […] Continue reading

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CUNY Academic Commons Announces WPMu-MediaWiki Single Sign-on

I missed this announcement last Thursday while traveling and getting ready for CUNY WordCampEd, but this is pretty exciting news from the CUNY Academic Commons, which promises to become a force in offering up much needed plugins and open source tool integration for open source applications like WPMu, MediaWiki, and the like.
Very cool, MediaWiki and […] Continue reading

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