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UMW Blogs’ Support Stats

When people ask me how much time I spend supporting UMW Blogs, I say it’s about an hour of my week, which is true. Now, to be clear, I think of support along the lines of “I lost by password” or “How do I change my theme?” and questions like that. More along the lines […] Continue reading

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WPMu Multi-DB Tutorial

Sooner or later we had to do it on UMW Blogs, and over a week ago we made the jump to a multi-database setup for our WordPress Multi-User environment. We have a subscription to the WPMu Dev Premium service, which gives us access to the Multi-DB script. This code enables you to break one database […] Continue reading

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Multiple Domains on WPMu: Mission Accomplished!

Well, I hate to quote our fearless leader out of turn, but unlike him I really was successful! I had blogged earlier this semester about the potential possibilities available to UMW if we were to pursue mapping multiple domains to … Continue reading

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WPMu Tutorials (Week 2)

This one’s a little late, and fortunately I didn’t have to do much work to bring the following resource to you. Keeping in line with a philosophy that Scott, D’Arcy, and Brian were promoting at Open Ed 2007, why create … Continue reading

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Creating a dynamic frontpage for WPMu

For anyone interested in the dynamic homepage of UMW Blogs, this post may be of some interest… Part of what I started thinking about when working on UMW Blogs this Summer was how to capture some of the activity going … Continue reading

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