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WPMu as OCW Platform….a solution?

David Wiley just blogged about using WPMu as an OCW solution, and one of the issues he is running into is directory structure. What he wants is each department to have its own parent blog, and then child blogs within each department space. For example: (a department blog) and (as a blog within the department […] Continue reading

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Building the Syndication Bus: Plugin Ingredients

While at Duke, UVA, and more recently the University de Mayaguez—I’ll post about that event as soon as I finish traveling—the most common question people had for me was how can they design/build the “Syndication Bus” for WPMu. Well, this is probably a multi-post affair, but to get the ball rolling and to do […] Continue reading

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Tale of the FeedWordPress Tape


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Course blogs, Sitewide Tags, and FeedWordPress


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One Blog, Many Feeds

Cole Camplese has had some excellent posts recently thinking about the ability of RSS feeds to connect a campus publishing community. I have been doing a lot of experimentation in this area over the last year or so, and his … Continue reading

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Gladly Eating Some Drupal Crow

Bill Fitzgerald has posted about a most impressive aggregator he put together with Drupal in about six hours. He documents the modules he used, and his creation slices and dices the content from various feeds in some really impressive ways. … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs & Middlesell Sittin’ In a Tree…

…R-S-S-I-N-G. I happened upon Middlesell early this morning (this site is an independent homepage for UMW students established by the inimitable Bobby Durette) only to discover that posts from around UMW Blogs are being fed into this space. How fascinating! … Continue reading

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Customize the WPMu Dashboard

Here’s a simple hack to make your WordPress Multi-User Dashboard display news and recent posts from within your specific WPMu community. For example, I am going to briefly illustrate how to display the “Latest News” for our community (traditionally where … Continue reading

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Creating a dynamic frontpage for WPMu

For anyone interested in the dynamic homepage of UMW Blogs, this post may be of some interest… Part of what I started thinking about when working on UMW Blogs this Summer was how to capture some of the activity going … Continue reading

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UMW Lablogs: Aggregating Online Laboratory Experiments

One of the biggest experiments happening currently on UMW Blogs is Steve Gallik’s Cell Biology Lablogs. Steve is a pretty amazing guy, he has built out an entire suite of online laboratory resources wherein students can record the results of … Continue reading

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