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WPMu blog-by-blog upload space quota

Here’s a quick question I got today that may be of use to some: “Can you control the upload soace quota on a blog-by-blog basis in WPMu?” As of version 1.3.x administrators now have this useful option. The overall setting … Continue reading

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WPMu as eduglu?

I find myself experiencing a kind of joyful obsolescence at the moment while reading the recent stream of posts from Andre Malan’s blog. I’m nothing short of blown away, and if you are at all interested in WPMu as an … Continue reading

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Thank you sir, may I have another RSS feed!

I think the sir in this title should really be Andre Malan who recently created the Add to BDP RSS, his first plugin for WordPress. It provides functionality I have dreamed of for over a year now. In short, it … Continue reading

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WPMu as an Educational Network

Seems like using an open source application like WordPress Multi-User to create a social networking tool where people actually control their work is making some headway. Most notably in Matt Mullenweg’s recent announcement that Automattic is backing BuddyPress (an open … Continue reading


Importing a single WP blog to a WPMu Installation

As promised, I am going to go through the steps I followed bringing this blog from a single WordPress installation into a WPMu environment. For some background on all of this check out these posts here and here. So, I … Continue reading

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Porting bavatuesdays to a mapped domain on WPMu

I have spent the last few days porting a stand alone WordPress blog with over 800 blog posts, 75 videos, countless images, and PHP executed in several posts (not to mention the over 35 plugins) to a mapped domain on … Continue reading

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bavatuesdays on WPMu

After far too long, I finally ported bavatuesdays over to my WPMu installation using the mapped domains hack. It wasn’t as painless as I would have liked because I have no understanding of MySQL, but despite my dearth of knowledge … Continue reading

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Talking, sharing & being taught WPMu @ NV 2008

Photo used thanks to Sonson’s intellectual generosity. The original title for this post was: “Just one more NV post, memory bartender” The Northern Voice 2008 posts have been streaming in regularly, and I can’t add much to their overall reflections … Continue reading

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UR Web 2.0?

When I have attended talks or conference presentations about Web 2.0, I seem to inevitably hear the question: “Is this presentation Web 2.0?” Which is often a legitimate question for newcomers who don’t really get the logic of Web 2.0 … Continue reading

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Proud Spammer of Open University Courses

There has been a bit of excitement about the possibilities for pushing the uses of RSS towards a mythical eduglu as of late. Brian posted about it here and got some great feedback, soon after D’Arcy Norman and Bill Fitzgerald … Continue reading

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