Weird Visual Editor Issue on WP 3.0, RC 1

Having an odd issue on bavatuesdays that I can’t reproduce on any other sites in my install (namely, etc.). I can’t see the buttons in the visual editor, by default my visual editor icons in the Add New Post page are gone until I refresh the page.

I figured it was a plugin, so I deactivated all my plugins—no go. I then figured it was something unique to the sites within the bavatuesdays network (after seeing it worked in other networks), but that was not the case either cause I am not having the same issue on And while it ultimately corrects itself with a refresh of the page, it is rather odd. Anyway, anyone having similar issues, I’d love to hear your fix, if you found one.

Update: What’s more, after I published this post, the visual editor buttons once again disappeared. How bizarre (cue music).

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