Train wreck

For all of you out there who deeply question the “system” model, and the idea of hosting this stuff for an institution and making it work on a larger scale. Today I agree with you,  for we’ve had nothing but consistent downtime with UMW Blogs for the last four or five day, and while I often blog about how great UMW Blogs is (I’d link to it, but it is probably down so what’s the use), today it sucks.  And it also makes me think that despite my constant notions of creating a space like this for innovation, community, and experiments—it inevitably turns into a huge albatross around our necks.

What’s causing it?  Well, if it would stay up long enough we might figure it out. It could be some constant call to wp-cron.php that we can’t precisely locate (though disabling cron seems not to help).  Could be that we are being spam attacked every ten minutes-though there’s no certainty there either.  Could be our real traffic is far too heavy and regular for our server. We’ll be upgrading to a bigger server shortly, and I am praying this will keep us up so that the professors and students who have come to count on UMW Blogs don’t start jumping ship en masse, but at the same time maybe they should. Maybe it is just another enterprise system after all, and what we’ve all labored over for two years has seen it’s last innovative breath. I mean who cares, here comes Google Wave and Twitter and all the other newest and bestest tools that we have to starting imagining pedantically.  I hate the whole whole field these days, so I’m gonna return to my nostalgia and Sears Catalog and forget about my day job for as long as I can. Edtech you suck!!!

Image credit: rcstanley’s “Train Wreck – Prob early 1900’s”

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