WPMu Development for Education

Image of wpmudevc ontibutorHats off to Andre Malan for getting the dev.wpmued aggregation site together in no time at all—did it take him a single night of kicking ass while Brian Lamb was fast asleep? The idea behind the site, which you can find here, is right line with all the goodness that came out of the Open Ed conference—do it cheap, do it out in the open, share it, and make the focus of our labor people and ideas.

Let’s face it, many of us are working and hacking within WPMu, and this provides a place to aggregate and share out centrally that development. More than that, it is up and available to any one out there who wants to include the work they are doing. And what’s more, I’m a contributor, so what the hell else could you want? (Although Boone Borges’s blog has been on total fire, which means I better get my game face on :) )

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  1. Boone Gorges says:

    Yeah! Watch it or you’ll get burned.

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