List of things to fix in UMW Blogs since upgrade to WPMu 2.8.1

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  1. Issue with überadmin not being able to login into users’ blogs. The user blog still recognized me as a siteadmin and would show me edit links, etc., but could not access backend.
    Fixed! Solution: Caused my the ardx.php plugin in mu-plugins (that has been deleted)
  2. BuddyPress 1.0.3 is creating havoc in the backend ajax. All sorts of things won’t work, and it generally makes the backend unusable. No image uploads, timestamp changes, etc.
    Not Fixed. BuddyPress de-activated, searching for solution, think it may be a plugin conflict—though ruled out a mu-plugin conflict. This one has got me on the ropes. Update: Turns out this was an issue with WPMu 2.8.1, when I upgraded to 2.8.2 this issue stopped.
  3. For some reason Anarchy Media Player freaked out on me today as well. [What a nightmare today and yesterday have been.]
    Fixed. Went to An-archos site and downloaded a fresh version of Anarchy media Player for WPMu, things seem to be working fine now.
  4. Yesterday got a note that a student could not add a tag to her post. Seemed odd, but when I tried to log into her blog, however, the first issue on this list came to my attention :) After I finally fixed that, I realized she was right, I killed myself over this for a bit today, and still have no solution. But I think if you try to add a pre-existing tag or category to another post in the same blog it will not take (at least that’s the case on UMW Blogs). This is a huge bug, and I’m not sure if others are having a similar issue, or if it is tied to global tag/category tables and multi-db. I’m still stumped here.
    Not Fixed. This one is gonna take some testing and I think the last of my hair will be gone by the time it is ready to go. Update: this issue was finally resolved, turns out the multi-db database setup was causing this issue. Special thanks to D’Arcy Norman for figuring out the issue, and posting a plea on the Premium WPMuDev forums for a fix.

How do I feel about hosting a blogging platform and the idea that this is becoming a system? Well, now’s probably not the best time for that discussion, honcho. System? Fragile? DIY? Some things just ain’t easy, and that’s why they’re good, innovation ain’t free even though nobody is paying me to kick web ass.

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2 Responses to List of things to fix in UMW Blogs since upgrade to WPMu 2.8.1

  1. goodwitch says:

    Hi Jim, I’m the admin for and I find your post extraordinarily helpful!

    I’ve got a question for you. I see from your documentation that you are using Anarchy for video. Are you also allowing your bloggers to paste in “embed” statements…for example, if I wanted to include a flickr video.

    If you are allowing “embed”…may I ask how you do it? Are you simply using the unfiltered mu plugin (and if so, do you have it in your mu-plugin folder for all blogs or do you have it in your plugin folder and have users turn it on one by one).

    Thanks again for all the info you share!
    Glenda (the goodwitch) Sims

  2. Reverend says:

    Hey Glenda,

    Thanks for commenting, and we are using the unfiltered-mu plugin in the mu-plugins folder so it is sitewide. But some folks have been complaining of issues with this plugin, and I would be interested to know if it is working for you.


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