Image of WordCampEdThere have been a few people expressing interest in getting together and talking about using WordPress and WPMu for education here in Fredericksburg. And I imagine there might be some others out there, so I’m proposing an informal gathering called WordCampFred that will focus on using WP/WPMu for schools. It will not have any presentations, but simply provide a place to talk about ideas, questions, plugins, approaches, etc. There will be little or no structure, and we will simply dedicate the time to asking specific questions as well as dealing with more conceptual ways to make this application work as an educational publishing platform.

It would have to happen sometime in the next two weeks, so I am proposing either Friday, July 17th or Tuesday, July 20th. These two days may not work for folks, so let me know in the comments what would work. But, in reality, we really can’t do too much accommodating in terms of dates. Way I see it is it provides a free, unorganized opportunity to talk about this stuff—small, intimate, and quick. If you can make it, great, if not, we’ll try something more organized in the near future. I think we can host it at UMW, we have room for about 10-15 people in DTLT, but if it gets bigger than that (which I can’t imagine it will given how quickly it’s approaching) we’ll have to plan accordingly. Leave a comment below if you are interested, and what day you’d prefer and I’ll tally it up and see what day makes most sense.

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