Integrating MediaWiki into BuddyPress Activity Streams

Boone Gorges developed this pretty slick extension for MediaWiki which makes the loose integration of MediaWiki, WPMu, and BuddyPress that much more useful. You can read his post about the extension here, but short version is that edits made in MediaWiki by anyone within the user community will show up in the BuddyPress activity feed. This is a rather simple bit of information that makes the integration of these tools that much more relevant and powerful. For, in the end, the whole idea of BuddyPress is making what’s happening within a community that much more visible to the members (something extremely difficult with WPMu alone), and the shifting focus from the blog to the individual’s profile page points towards a larger shift in thinking about blogs as aggregation points of all of one’s activity around the web. All I have to say is very, very cool—I will be testing this out shortly.

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