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UMW Blogs and BuddyPress is disco a go-go!

Image Credit: Alan(ator)’s “Solar System Disco Ball Mobile”
That’s right, UMW Blogs now has all the BuddyPress features fully operational, take a look for yourself at the blogs directory, members directory, groups directory and profiles. This is very eciting for a wide range of reasons, and we couldn’t have done it without the great, potentate […] Continue reading

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WPMu and BuddyPress Integration with bbPress 1.0 RC3

bbPress is finally moving towards 1.0, and it looks like it may get there quickly. The tutorial that I wrote up about integrating WPMU, BuddyPress, and bbPress was actually for bbPress Alpha, so I took the time to update today. The cookie integration details changed slightly for me for WPMu 2.7.1, so I figured I […] Continue reading

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Reason #7,000,001 to use WPMu on campus

With over 7 million users on, chances are that a number of faculty and students are bound to be familiar with the application at your campus. Case in point, a faculty member new to blogging at UMW just came in for a consultation, and while she was new to UMW Blogs and hasn’t used blogs […] Continue reading

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A random bug and an memory error in WPMu 2.7.1

Update: The following error was caused by wp-cache.php. I disabled the file and WP-Super-Cache for the moment, and we’ll see if an upgrade of WP-Super-Cache doesn’t solve this error.
Every user that is not an admin on UMW Blogs seemed to be getting the following error in the header of the administrative backend:
Warning: Invalid argument supplied […] Continue reading

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Secure Sign-in for WPMu

Image credit: Steve Rhodes’ “Bank of America security giving me the finger during the Iraq war protest”
OK, I need some help here. I am trying to make sure everything we do on UMW Blogs is covered under SSL, and while we have the SSL certificate for UMW Blogs, we don’t have the dynamic subdomain […] Continue reading

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