CUNY Academic Commons Announces WPMu-MediaWiki Single Sign-on

I missed this announcement last Thursday while traveling and getting ready for CUNY WordCampEd, but this is pretty exciting news from the CUNY Academic Commons, which promises to become a force in offering up much needed plugins and open source tool integration for open source applications like WPMu, MediaWiki, and the like.

Very cool, MediaWiki and WPMu integration has been the bane of my existence for a while now, and I’ve tested this puppy out on UMW Blogs and it works seamlessly on WPMu 2.6.5+ and MediaWiki versions 1.12.x+. We just need to figure out how to re-direct users who login directly from MediaWiki back to the wiki article they want to edit, and voila!

The CUNY Academic Commons, in partnership with Cast Iron Coding, is proud to announce a collection of MediaWiki extensions that will create a single sign-on system between WordPress Multi-User and MediaWiki.

With this extension, administrators of WordPress Multi-User will be able to add robust wiki functionality to their websites without forcing users to create separate accounts. Now, users will be able to sign in once to the home page of the system and have that sign-in carried over to the wiki.

We’re running this setup currently on the CUNY Academic Commons, a site that was conceived of as an open-source academic social network in which the members of the 23-campus City University of New York system would be able to connect with one another, share resources, and create new communities of interest. The site is built on the following platforms, which can now all be accessed via a single log-in: WordPress Multi-User + BuddyPress + BbPress + MediaWiki.

This integration builds on the fine work of Ciaran Gultnieks, the author of AuthWP, Daniel Kinzler, the author of LockDown, and Marcel Minke, the author RedirectAfterLogout.

We are delighted to release this extension under a GNU General Public License. Full documentation and files can be found here.

Go, CUNY, go!

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