Building the Syndication Bus: Plugin Ingredients

Image of a Revolution BusWhile at Duke, UVA, and more recently the University de Mayaguez—I’ll post about that event as soon as I finish traveling—the most common question people had for me was how can they design/build the “Syndication Bus” for WPMu. Well, this is probably a multi-post affair, but to get the ball rolling and to do what I told a number of folks I would, here are a few essential plugins (if other folks have others they are using let me know):

A List of Key Plugins on UMW Blogs for building the Syndication Bus with WPMu

  • FeedWordPress: This is a plugin which republishes feeds from just about anything with RSS. This plugin has been key to creating the syndication hub, and with Andre Malan’s Add Link widget (linked to below), we can now place a field in the sidebar so that authorized users can simply add the URL of their site to a course blog now matter where they publish from.
  • Sitewide Tag Pages Plugin: This plugin creates an über-blog that brings in all the posts (along with tags, categories, etc.), which allows you create tag or category feeds across the entire environment. This plugin enables the tag and category based feeds which allow individuals to syndicate out selected posts from their own publishing space while leaving others untouched.
  • Add Link This widget allows you to place a text field in the sidebar so that a feed URL can immediately be added to any blog (which can be hosted anywhere). Think of it as self-service feed addition, taking the labor out of setting up the aggregation.
  • Add User: This widget, again by Andre Malan, allows users you have a username on UMW Blogs can add themselves to any blog as an author that has this widget activated. Think if it as self-service author addition, taking the labor out of setting up the space.*

*This one isn’t actually essential, but I find it extremely useful for group blogs so I figured I would throw it in—god I love Andre Malan!

Image credit: Revolution by Lawrence Whittemore

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