Hey Buddy(Press), lovin’ those plugins

If you are playing with BuddyPress, you may want to check out the Buddy Press Dev site. It’s a community site for BuddyPress provides developers to add plugins they have developed, and leeches like me to download them and ask annoying questions in the forums—it’s awesome, at least for me ) This week there have been some cool additions to the available plugins for BuddyPress. For example, adding your latest Flickr photos to your Profile page (developed by Nicola Greco).


Or adding your latest YouTube videos to your profile page (developed by Nicola Greco).


And there’s the SimplePie plugin for BuddyPress that makes these other two go (developed by Nicola Greco).

Oh yeah, and there is the Twitter to Wire, that allows you to include all your tweets to your BuddyPress Wire (developed by David Aubin). Keep in mind that you need the Twitter Tools plugin isntalled and activated for this one to work, which you do in your blog on the BuddyPress site.


There is also a BuddyPress Dev Site Admin plugin, which allows you to see the latest plugins on the BuddyPress site in the Site Admin area of your blog (developed by Nicola Greco)

I also tried the Community Blogs plugin by Burtadsit, which allows users to add themselves as authors to a community blog, similar to Andre Malan’s plugin Add Users, just integrated into the BuddyPress navigation bar. I like the idea of this plugin, but I haven’t been able to get the add user function to work in the navbar.

And there are more, I just haven’t tested them.  I’m impressed by how quickly integration with three major social networking services was accomplished in BuddyPress, and I also like that my various sites (and I am a Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter guy) can so easily show up on you profile page in BuddyPress. What I’m thinking is that they need a plugin for RSS feeds for the proile page from, say, another blog on some other service. They also need a way that you can widgetize and custoize your profile page so that you can easily control the order of what people see and how that can explore your various identities online.

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2 Responses to Hey Buddy(Press), lovin’ those plugins

  1. Jason Barone says:

    Awesome post! I’m currently torn between what to use to build my site. I can’t decide whether to build my company’s website using just a standard WordPress install for blogging & basic company site features and waiting for the social network stuff to be developed a little more. Or just build a social network right off the bat. I’ve played with many things demos of open source scripts, but I can’t decide what to use. For me, Drupal “was” the choice, but Drupal is incredibly difficult to deal with if you’re not a programmer or designer (which I’m not). Drupal is such a monster for developing social networks, but I would hate to build off of something and then change later. And since some of the Drupal 6 social network “plugins” aren’t ready, it’s difficult to put together a social network based off of Drupal.

    But then there’s BuddyPress, which I stumbled across a few days ago and LOVED the idea. WordPress 2.7 I’m already a fan of because of it’s genius UI and ease of deployment. The buddypress install was painless and I’m up and running with many of the basic features of a social network. I think BP might be my choice for now in hopes of it really turning into something amazing.

    I believe Drupal is fantastic choice for social networking, but by my estimates, it would take thousands for a developer to build something that is solid. For now, I think BP might be my choice, and maybe look into Drupal down the road this year after it’s developed a little more.

    Thanks for the info on the plugins!

  2. Haroun Kola says:

    Thanks for this post. I’ve decided to follow the BuddyPress route, I also come from a Drupal background and I’m not a developer or programmer either, so I’m really happy that there’s an open source application thats easy (relatively) to use.

    I’m still testing and learning so you’re welcome to visit my site and give me your feedback 🙂

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