Integrating WPMu, BuddyPress, and bbPress

This is a tutorial documenting the steps I’ve been working through over the past week to integrate WPMu, BuddyPress, and bbPress.  All of the applications versions I am currently using are either in beta, alpha, or taken from the trunk.  So, needless to say, this tutorial will have to be updated regularly as the versions stabilize. Knowing this, I wrote this tutorial in a wiki, which I plan to update regularly as the version of each application changes. And once it’s all solid, I plan on moving it to any WordPress codex that will take it )

Just about everything I document here comes from either the bbPress or BuddyPress forums.  I just tried to organize the resources and instructions to help out anyone who is coming at this fresh, and needs pointers to the relevant resources such as forum threads, further tutorials, screencasts, etc.  To see this insanely long tutorial, make the jump after the following link.

Link to the tutorial.

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4 Responses to Integrating WPMu, BuddyPress, and bbPress

  1. zenseeker says:

    Am I just dumb? I don’t see the tutorial. Thanks. I really need it.

  2. Reverend says:


    You are not crazy at all, I just added the link. This post was syndicated from my regular blog, and the tutorial link didn’t come over with the entire post for some reason, my bad. Sorry about that.

  3. Trent says:

    Ok Jim, that tutorial should get serious recognition! Amazing “one stop shop” for all the products that run our sites. Beauty! Appreciate it!

  4. Reverend says:

    It is you that should get some serious recognition. I lifted the whole last part from your awesome step-by-step on getting the bbPress forums to work in BuddyPress, and it was unbelievably useful to me, so thank you. Hope I didn’t republish your genius too freely here, but it was really exactly the kind of thing that made the three applications click. The holy grail of wpmu integration and social networking outside of the data mining nightmare that is facebook.

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