WPMu 2.7 before its time

I have upgraded the bava (and my several other sites running on this installation) to the trunk version of WordPress Multi-User 2.7 well before its natural time. I know the risks involved, but everything is neatly backed up and I have been feeling more generally restless these days. Not to mention I really, really want to get the 1.0 alpha 4 version of bbPress integrated with WPMu in order to experiment with the BuddyPress group forums. So, I took the leap a bit earlier than recommended, and here’s WPMu as seen through the lens of version 2.7!

Image of WPMu 2.7 interface
Click on image for larger version

On another note, as I learned this morning from Andrea’s WPMU Tutorials log, it looks like the folks at Automattic have released their code for a video solution framework for WPMu—wow! This could get interesting quick, could we soon see a bavatube? What’s your take on this Andy?

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