FeedWordPress: A Widget Wish

The whole syndication-oriented architecture (feed-frenzied learning) many have been playing with using WordPress Multi-User has been moving along pretty well for us at UMW. With the help of just a couple of plugins we have been able to generate a single feed for tags and/or categories throughout UMW Blogs (using the Sitewide Tags Pages plugin for WPMu), and we are then able to republish these sitewide feeds in any blog using FeedWordPress. Moreover, it provides us with the ability to incorporate and re-publish sites with RSS feeds that are outside the UMW Blogs environment. All very cool, EDUGLU here we come, yadda, yadda, yadda.

My wish now is to do something similar with FeedWordPress to what Andre Malan already has done for BDPRSS. Namely, create a widget extension for the FeedWordPress plugin that will allow you to have an “Add RSS” widget which provides a field on the front page of any blog so that people can add their feed (for the whole blog or a tag or category), and have the relevant posts republished. I like the fact that Andre’s extension of the BDPRSS plugin gives you levels of control over who can add the feed, and that would be a nice feature to include. Moreover, I would add sending the admin of the blog an email message to let them know someone has added a feed so that they can check it out and make sure it was added correctly and is parsing.

So, anyone else see the need for something like this? Additionally can we you build it?!

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