Beyond the eye: A Virtual Art Exhibit via EduBlogs RUM

Image of Beyond the eye posterMario A. Núñez Molina just posted about the virtual component of a photo art exhibit for an art class happening at the library of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. Now, there are a number of remarkable photographs (I’ll reproduce a few below withou permission, slap my wrist if this proves bad), and the virtual installment of this exhibit is well worth your time. But what’s strikes me just as much is that all the photos for the exhibit have been uploaded to Flickr, and are re-presented in an exhibit blog using a few snazzy Flickr plugins (they have one hell of a WPMu install running down there!). Let’s think about this for a second, so an art class can quickly create a dynamic online exhibit using two services that are free (or very cheap) without having to spend half the semester worrying about programming and the like. What smacks of progress about this for me is that the class can concentrate on their art while the publishing and distribution of their work remains a quick, easy, and elegant afterthought with tools like Flickr and EduBlogs RUM.

And that’s just a few of the gems you can find there…congratulations to the Art 3007 class on a beautiful exhibit.

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