WPMu “3-in-1″ Widget: Tags, Recent Posts, and Archives

I already mentioned that Donncha’s Sitewide Tags plugin was going to make a whole lot of things much, much easier.  Well, DSader wrapped all the awesomeness into one bitchin’ plugin for WPMu: Sitewide “three-in-one” Multi Widget Panel. I discovered it through James Farmer’s WPMU.org (already proving an invaluable resource) and I just had to test it out. Lo and behold, it works like a charm as long as you remember to install Donncha’s Sitewide Tags plugin.

What’s more, DSader notes that this plugin can also be edited to…

pull from multiple blogs by editing one line of code ("clones" the widget output while applying the same widget control options to each clone):
`$featured_blogs = array($options['blog_id']); // Clone multiple panel outputs such as ...
// $featured_blogs = array($options['blog_id'],3,354);`
(inspired by http://dailytestimony.net/plugins/)

In other words, there may be a way to select a specific number of blogs from a WPMu installation that can be fed into a specific tag cloud. Now this would be an awesome plugin in and of itself, for it could provide a way to aggregate tags for a series of distributed student blogs for a course, which could then be presented back on the mother blog as the course tag cloud. Something similar to what I was imagining way back when in this post.

Anyway, awesome work fromDSader and if you’re itching to see the plugin in action, I have it running on UMW Blogs already )

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3 Responses to WPMu “3-in-1″ Widget: Tags, Recent Posts, and Archives

  1. John says:

    Jim, I agree – great plugin. Unfortunately, I was dumb enough to upgrade to 2.7 and haven’t gotten Dsaders plugin to work just yet.

    Keep up the good work on the blog, I enjoy it.


  2. John says:

    And just as I posted this, I upgraded to the newest 2.7 and ta-da – works like a champ again!

  3. Jim says:

    Hey John,

    Thanks for letting me know the latst version of the wpmu 2.7 trunk works with dsader’s plugin, I had the same problem, but haven’t updated yet. I guess I know what I wil be doing later this evening 🙂

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