If I were a dog…

…I would be going to WordCamp 2008 like the great Alan Levine, but being only a bava—which in fact is not only the surname of my favorite film director but also Italian for drool—I’m not. So, after reading Alan’s recent call for examples of WordPress in education I tried to add my 50 cent, but Alan’s blog was intentionally blocking my long, link-filled comment of utter genius because he is petrified of the Reverend’s wrathful range, as one should be.

But never fear faithful reader, for the Reverend has got his own publishing platform, and can make the good word know the world round. That’s right folks, “I’m comin’ up, comin’ up, so you better you better get this party started.” So, with no more saccharine fan fare, here is my addition to Alan’s call for examples that was maliciously blocked to keep the right reverend from making it clear that education is where WordPress is poppin’ like no other field. And if the folks at WordPress don’t start paying us mind, we’re going to make a mass exodus to LiveJournal very, very soon! Transcript of my aborted missive to the dog follows:

All right, I have couple of things for you dog.

First, the current ground swell of universities adopting WPMu for all kinds of cool things. Here is a list compiled by Mario A. Núñez Molina, and stolen by the bava:


And then there is the Pickering Institute ) http://bavatuesdays.com/pickering-instit…

The dude at Plymouth State in New Hampshire who is using WP as an OPAC for the university library:

The MacCaulay Honors College launching WPMu as e-portfolios:

David Wiley’s use of WordPress.com, and the kick off of the whole spam educational blogging technique you love so much ) http://bavatuesdays.com/proud-spammer-of…

Literary Journals with WordPress by Pulitzer Prize winning Claudia Emerson (who rules!). Below are two examples of a possible seven:
(Some background on this project here: http://bavatuesdays.com/nonce-journal/)

Steve Gallik’s Lablogs and Data-Blogging (a wonderful example of WP as Lab Notebooks)
Some background on this project here:

Marie McAllister’s Eighteenth Century Audio site, which basically has students recording themselves reading poetry, then uploading them to Librivox and linking to them in this WP Blog:
(Some background on this project here: http://bavatuesdays.com/eighteenth-centu…)

Jeff McClurken’s work with Digital History: http://digitalhistory.umwblogs.org

I particularly like this one for it really is a site with no search functionality, yet still effectively acts as an easy engine for finding over 100 historical markers:

The now graduated UMW student Roblog, whose blog is an ideal example of a student portfolio:

And Brad Efford, whose blog is an example of just how amazing students are with this stuff (he was also part of Gardner’s Film/text/Culture experiment mentioned below):


Just about everything Gardner Campbell has done with blogging (you’ll agree with me there I’m sure):

Gardner’ grand experiment which I think is one of the best yet. Basically students used each others blog posts throughout the semester as research and fodder for their final papers, which were written as posts, and used trackbacks as attribution and quotes. Brilliant


Gardner talks about this experiment here:

Then there is Barbara Ganley’s unbelievable work, but she used MovableType (

Ok, I have more, but you only have a little bit of time ;)

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