UMW Blogs Documentation updated for WPMu 2.6

I tweaked the documentation for UMW Blogs to reflect the administrative back end changes for WPMu 2.5 & 2.6. I figured this may be helpful to some folks that are using this application and might need some screen shots, quick documentation, etc.  It’s all Creative Commons, so no need to ask, just pilfer and pillage at will. Additionally, I put most of the screen shots on the UMW DTLT Flickr account so that folks can use what ever they need. Andy Rush and I will be turning to the videos soon, but as of now they haven’t been updated.

Image of UMW Blogs Documentation

If anyone else is doing documentation of their own, it would be useful if you could share what you’ve got so far. I imagine seeing some other examples of how people are approaching this would help fill in the gaps that remain with the UWM Blogs FAQ and WordPress Guide. If you are so inclined just leave a link in the comments or e-mail me the URL of the site at

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