Media Anarchy in WPMu?

Has anyone seen this yellow button? I have been waiting patiently for what seems like months for the little yellow Anarchy button to appear in my Rich Text Editor for WP & WPMu version 2.5+, but no no avail. So as we are getting ready to upgrade UMW Blogs, I was wondering if anyone found a solution. I looked here, here, and here, but all active questions and development seem at a stand still. This is a bummer for me, because the Anarchy Media Player is without question the easiest and quickest way to insert all kinds of video and audio by simply copying and pasting a link. It helped make the overhead for including media into posts and pages seamless, one of the strongest selling points for WPMu on campus. Anyone figure out a workaround, or have the quick code to make it a tag? I imagine it can be done because the plugin still works if you use the Media button in the code/html view of the text editor.

And while I’m at it, where’s the add an image icon in WPMu 2.6? This one:

It’s gone away, and the default Add media option in WPMu 2.6 visual text editor only has the gray asterisk sans the image, video, and music icons, which I added through this hack here (though I am beginning to wonder why because the video and music icons don’t do much good because all they do is provide a link—they don’t embed anything).

Visual Text Editor for WPMu 2.6 (hacked to show icons)

Visual Text Editor for WPMu 2.6 (hacked to show add media icons)

And while I was able to get Viper’s Quicktags Plugin for YouTube and various other vicdeo services working with a hack (thanks Luke), it messes with the Visual Text Editor to such a degree that it almost becomes too much labor in the long run. Has anyone else experienced these issues? Moreoever, has anyone else found a solution?

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  1. RavanH says:

    Pssst… Don’t tell anyone but there has been a beta around for a while that works on my WPMU 2.6 install. Download it here:

    Or first read about it here: where you can find the linked file halfway down the thread in a post by zeug, the AMP developer. No idea what happened with development of this plugin. It seems to have gotten to a standstill 🙁

    Anyway, the beta worked on my system. I have done some mods of my own since (read the thread) but all in all it should be what you are looking for 🙂

    Good luck!

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