On the heels of unleashing EDUPUNK on the internets (see here for more), I’ll give the first of, hopefully, many examples of what EDUPUNK is—examples being one way at defining EDUPUNK if you should be so brave. I have a few of my own in mind, so here goes the first.

Keira McPhee’s front lawn is EDUPUNK!

Image of Keira Mcphee on the cover of the Vancouver Sun

Keira is featured front and center on the cover of last weekend’s Vancouver Sun (click the image for the article).

Keira Mcphee is an extremely cool cat, and my favorite permaculture freak. And while I may be biased because she has invited me graciously into her house on several occasions to break bread and talk seriously about the world, culture, and everything in between, but I don’t really think that’s the case. Why? Well, because Keira is more than a friend, she is a sterling example of taking your beliefs to the streets. She has converted her front lawn from a useless showpiece that consumes unknown quantities of wasted energy and resources, into a lush, fecund organic garden that burgeons with the fruits of her labor. She is an activist, teacher and mentor all at once.

Let there be no question about it, Keira and her garden are EDUPUNK! And she uses some of the most powerful of technologies, that of the shovel and hoe, but such tools have been used for far less imaginative and inspiring purposes in the hands of others.

You can read the article from the Vancouver Sun here, see the photo gallery here, and the video here.

Image above care of the Glusniffer himself.

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