Viper’s Video Quicktags Plugin works with WPMu

I stopped using Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin a while back when I started playing in earnest with WPMu. Reason being is that this plugin didn’t really work well with WPMu last year at this time, and Anarchy Media Player was, and still is in many regards, alternative media player of choice for WPMu. However, I saw some yet undisclosed things today via Andy “I am video” Rush using the Viper’s Quick tags’ FLV player that made me want to test this plugin once again for WPMu 1.3.3. So I did, and guess what it? It worked fine, it even gave the YouTube, Google, and FLV icons in the visual editor, which was a long-standing issue as far as I could tell from the forums. So, I don;t think we will be getting rid of the Anarchy media Player anytime soon, but we may just have that many more options for playing media on UWM Blogs, but not until Mr. Rush blogs his findings (c’mon Andy!).

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