Simple Tags Plugin for WordPress

If you haven’t tried out the Simple Tags plugin yet, I promise you it will never be too soon. This plugin is extremely powerful, and strikes me more as a full blown application within WP than a simple extension of WordPress. I haven’t even begun to play with all the features it offers, but here are a number I have noticed already:
Image of Simple Tags Management

  • Customizable Tag Cloud within pages, posts, and the sidebar
  • Customized list of related posts based on tags
  • Customized list of related tags
  • Auto link feature for tags which will search posts and automatically “discover” tags
  • Suggested tags based on both external and internal database comparison
  • Display tags in RSS feeds
  • Embedded tags
  • Meta tags in header for search engines optimization

This plugin makes about three or four others I use redundant, and more than that it works just as well in WPMu, and has a nice interface for management complete with widgets and the whole nine yards. I hope Simple Tags marks the the future of WP plugins, for this is a very powerful tool that brings the functionality, ease, and possibilities of tagging within WordPress to the next level. A must have in my opinion.

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