Addendum to My WPMu Encoding Hell

So, my text encoding woes when moving a WP 2.3 single installation to WPMu 1.3.3 have not entirely disappeared, and this post is an important addendum to the original here.

So, in short after seeing stuff like this scattered through the bava:

Žižek has turned into Žižek. Other examples include “a cinema-véritésque film”, industry’s has turned into industry’s.

I followed the advice in this forum thread, and changing the character set in the wp-config.php file from UTF8 to UTF-8, which was seemingly a typo. And while this change fixed the encoding issues and I was very happy, it also created a little problem. namely, any new blog I created in this environment on the original domain (and any of the mapped domains) would through a server error, and an following error message like the following would come up when I tried to edit the blog from the Site Admin–>Blogs subtab: “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/web/www/blog/wp-admin/wpmu-blogs.php on line 138″

So, while my site was now properly encoded, it could no longer create blog within this WPMu environment, no small cost for having legible text. So, I went searching on the forums and came to this topic, where I read of others having a similar issues. The recommendation to change UTF-8 back to latin seemed to too crazy for me, so I just changed UTF-8 back to UTF8 and the new blogs a created thereafter resolved and everything is now fine, except of course that I am seeing a few text-encoding anomalies in my recent posts, and I’m afraid to go into the archive to deeply in fear that I will be overwhelmed with the cleanup I have to do.

So, my hell is not over, but hopefully this can be resolved at some point soon. Perhaps my first WPMu TRAC ticket?

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