WPMu at a campus near you?

WordPress Multi-User as an educational publishing platform…who knew? You, that’s who!

The Blogs@Baruch publishing platform, powered by the ever venerable WordPress Multi-User, is ready for official promotion, so given my status as fanboy, consider it promoted. Mikhail Gershovich has worked long and hard over the last year and a half on this project, and if you know anything about the unbelievable challenges a university system the size of CUNY presents to all things IT, I have to say that this is a herculean task that I find truly remarkable. I am falling ever deeper in love with Mary Washington, but CUNY will always have a place in my heart, and to see it clothed in the most attractive publishing threads out there (thanks to Mikhail) makes me both thrilled and nostalgic.

Image of Blogs@Baruch

Speaking of attractive, be sure to check out the way they have designed the main page, under the design prowess of the mighty Luke Waltzer, whose ability to re-imagine WordPress has been consistently impressive over the last two years. In fact, Luke and I started as Instructional Technology Fellows at the CUNY Honors College several years ago, and while he may be far quieter than me when working with faculty (in no small part because he is soon to be completing his PH.D.), his work is extremely impressive and well worth marveling over. Be sure to visit Blogs@Baruch and check out some of the projects they are working on using WordPress, amazing stuff.

In addition to Baruch, I recently came across another University using WPMu thanks to this very kind and encouraging comment from Michelle Boster at Suffolk University. They recently rolled out Blogs at Suffolk University very quietly as a pilot, and made little, if any, fanfare about it. Nonetheless, within 6 weeks their blogging system had 60 blogs, and that is simply the beginning. They are using the ever classic MistyLook, and I have to echo Martha once again —when are we going to start pooling our resources and helping one another bring the truth to the educational masses?

Image of Blogs at Suffulk University

Good for Suffolk University for taking the “leap of faith,” and reaching out to other universities who are doing similar things. I really hope they raid, pillage, and steal the documentation we wrote, for there is no reason to re-write this stuff –I think I have to find my Creative Commons tag for the UMW Blogs Support Wiki so that everyone knows they are free to borrow, remix, and rework as necessary.

Who else is using WPMu for as an educational blogging/publishing platform? And how many of you are interested in creating a common space where we start sharing our respective resources? I know Andre’s in, now who else is on board for the revolution? ;)

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