Akismet…Ouch! for WPMu

Patrick just informed me the great Spam Karma 2 plugin is no longer being maintained by the developer (something I should have know, but may have purposefully blocked), and a quick search for the developer’s blog (Unknown Genius) may very well confirm this given it is no longer available. So, being reluctantly forward-thinking I took a look on the WPMu forums to see what the skinny is with Akismet for WPMu. And what I saw wasn’t not so encouraging necessarily all that bad in the end. [Damn this post got away from me :)]

Update: I believe UMW is officially a non-profit organization, so it may very well qualify for a half-price educational discount or the free option with some linkback love.

Here is the price per month with the educational discount:
Akismet (Educational Discount)

Given the cost is currently far greater than what it costs to actually host the UMW Blogs installation, and there are 1000+ blogs on the system already — what is a small, broke school to do? (My first day back and I’m already at it ) ) In fact, this may be overstated a bit for if a university wants to invest in a blogging platform, a solid spam solution would have to be top priority, and $8,000+ $4,000+ (depending on the plus) may not necessarily be breaking the bank for many institutions. Yet, it highlights an interesting cost of openness. Also, what is a smaller, non-institutional WPMu community with many blogs that doesn’t make money supposed to do? Well, perhaps a return to the small blogs loosely joined with RSS approach?

Does eduCampus have an Akismet license for it subscribers? — or is that a separate, additional $8,000 $4,000? Does an undeveloped Spam Karma 2 still far outweigh the cost/benefits of an enterprise Akismet installation? I don’t know? What are other people using who have a large, vibrant WPMu community that affords the option to leave comments open, and which doesn’t result in spam suicide?

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