bavatuesdays on WPMu

After far too long, I finally ported bavatuesdays over to my WPMu installation using the mapped domains hack. It wasn’t as painless as I would have liked because I have no understanding of MySQL, but despite my dearth of knowledge it worked pretty well –though I have some major clean-up to do.

The upside is I am now confident that I can map every domain I “own” (with their associated blogs) on to one WordPress installation, so I can continue to push WPMu into the logic of a more dynamic CMS. When I have time (which should be this evening) I will write the whole process up step-by-step. I’m pretty excited about the idea of managing one upgrade and using all these different spaces to create a more dynamic environment (not to mention one group of plugins for everything, a myriad of themes, and a sitewide tag cloud!). I liek the idea of having all the different work I do (both personal and professional) in one space, and I think my online life just got a little more interesting )

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