UR Web 2.0?

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When I have attended talks or conference presentations about Web 2.0, I seem to inevitably hear the question: “Is this presentation Web 2.0?” Which is often a legitimate question for newcomers who don’t really get the logic of Web 2.0 by just listening to someone talk about it. So, I have been experimenting with creating a “Web 2.0″ presentation that I will be giving to a group of people this afternoon using a WordPress blog.

It is an overview of what Web 2.0 is (and is not), and how it might be conceptualized for education uses. The cool part is that each of the attendees will sign-on to the blog and navigate around it with me (both the front and backend with full admin rights) so that they can interact and comment on different parts of the site; add tags to posts’ and play with del.icio.us and flickr. More over, they can see how videos, images and RSS work in posts and/or pages with an application like WordPress?

Is this a Web 2.0 presentation? Well, I’m not sure, but I’ll find out in less than an hour.

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