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bavatuesdays on WPMu

After far too long, I finally ported bavatuesdays over to my WPMu installation using the mapped domains hack. It wasn’t as painless as I would have liked because I have no understanding of MySQL, but despite my dearth of knowledge … Continue reading

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Talking, sharing & being taught WPMu @ NV 2008

Photo used thanks to Sonson’s intellectual generosity. The original title for this post was: “Just one more NV post, memory bartender” The Northern Voice 2008 posts have been streaming in regularly, and I can’t add much to their overall reflections … Continue reading

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UR Web 2.0?

When I have attended talks or conference presentations about Web 2.0, I seem to inevitably hear the question: “Is this presentation Web 2.0?” Which is often a legitimate question for newcomers who don’t really get the logic of Web 2.0 … Continue reading

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Proud Spammer of Open University Courses

There has been a bit of excitement about the possibilities for pushing the uses of RSS towards a mythical eduglu as of late. Brian posted about it here and got some great feedback, soon after D’Arcy Norman and Bill Fitzgerald … Continue reading

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WordPress as CMS

Ok, so in addition to the Moosecamp session “WordPress Anonymous” on Friday (depending on interest) and the “Don’t Call it a Blog, call it an Educational Publishing Platform” on Saturday, Lloyd Budd recently facebooked me asking if I would “lead” … Continue reading

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Upgrading to WPMu 1.3.3

Given that the most recent upgrade for WordPress Multi-User is a critical one, I decided to do the right thing this morning. I figured it might be useful for others to know that my personal version of WPMu (which has … Continue reading

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Prologue Theme Major Hit (or is it Punch-Out?)

A strange thing happened to me today. I was playing around with the new Prologue theme for WordPress that acts in many ways like Twitter. I had already tested it on here, but I wanted to see if the … Continue reading

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