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UMW Blogs Upgraded to WPMu 1.3

Well, it took long enough, but UMW Blogs is now running WordPress Multi-User version 1.3. We had to be a bit more careful with this upgrade because we are now supporting close to 800 blogs, so I actually took a … Continue reading

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One Blog, Many Feeds

Cole Camplese has had some excellent posts recently thinking about the ability of RSS feeds to connect a campus publishing community. I have been doing a lot of experimentation in this area over the last year or so, and his … Continue reading

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Eighteenth-Century Audio: A WordPress Social Site?

A site that I have been working on with professor Marie McAllister in the English, Linguistics, and Speech department here at UMW has me extremely excited these days. And I decided to blog it early so that my co-workers don’t … Continue reading

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A List of Plugins for WPMu

So what plugins are we using at UMW Blogs? Well, there is a two-part answer to this question, which site wide plugins (mu-plugins) are we using and which user-activated plugins have we made available. Below you will find a list … Continue reading

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