Gladly Eating Some Drupal Crow

Bill Fitzgerald has posted about a most impressive aggregator he put together with Drupal in about six hours. He documents the modules he used, and his creation slices and dices the content from various feeds in some really impressive ways.

This may very well be the beginnings of a more sophisticated tag cloud, directory, searchable archive, and filtering system. Bill and I have been jawing back and forth about Drupal and WPMu for a while now, and he’s an absolute pleasure to heckle. More than that, he has been doing some amazing work with DrupalEd and this here aggregator site he put together fully defines the meaning of wrapping Drupal around a WPMu install (or any other series of feeds for that matter) that I could never quite get my head around last year.

Next step is tweaking this experiment to create OPML and a more sophisticated directory. I am really starting to believe that Drupal may be just the tool we are looking for to display the activity at UMW Blogs. Wait, did I just say that I think I just said?!

More to come on this very exciting development. There is no question I have a lot of crow eating to do when it comes to both Bill and Drupal, and given the season I think I am ready to eat another bird or two some time very soon.
Image of a cool cat eating crowImage courtesy of tanakawho.

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