The Great Awakening at UMW

The Great AwakeningThere has, indeed, been a great awakening on the UMW campus. As of this morning our WordPress Multi-user experiment has over 200 individual blogs, with more than 260 users. I have been away from the bava because I have been manning the trenches. By the end of next week I imagine there will be upwards of 350 blogs and over 400 users (somewhat conservative, in fact).

Now, I’ll be the first to say it, numbers lie and those I am listing above are no different in fact. Acknowledging this freely, even these “stats” wouldn’t be possible if the UMW faculty weren’t so downright awesome! I have to give all the credit to those folks who are earnestly experimenting with this web-based publishing platform as a tool for teaching and learning. More than 30 faculty have taken the challenge, and if we even have a modicum of success, then I challenge any and every university in this fine land to show me a place that is more switched on and serious about fully embracing the digital revolution head on. I am more than proud to be part of the University of Mary Washington community today. And while this grand experiment may fail miserably, I know without question that it was not for lack of trying on the part of faculty, administration, and students alike.

All that said, there is so much I have yet to blog. The experiments on a more granular scale have really been exciting. And a few of them may be downright revolutionary if they deliver on half of what they promise. I will be burning the midnight oil for the next 10 days or so and reporting as much as I can from my embattled foxhole. For remember, there are no atheists in foxholes, just grand visions of what’s yet to come…

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