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Homework: Italia 201

So I have literally taken my work home with me this evening. Antonella (my special lady friend) is teaching two Italian courses at UMW this semester, and we have been sparring about the whole UMW Blogs thing and how it … Continue reading

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The Great Awakening at UMW

There has, indeed, been a great awakening on the UMW campus. As of this morning our WordPress Multi-user experiment has over 200 individual blogs, with more than 260 users. I have been away from the bava because I have been … Continue reading

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WPMu: Unable to Update Sitewide Themes

On Friday I ran into an error that had me perplexed. I reallized, thanks to Patrick, that the options for choosing additional themes throughout the UMW Blogs environment was not available. I checked the Site Admin–>Themes subtab and all of … Continue reading

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Tags are a beautiful thing

Tags on UMW Blogs are divine! I had labored over the sitwewide tags for well over a month to no avail, today was my first day on the forums in WPMuDev Premium, and within half an hour I had the … Continue reading

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In the spirit of play…

…we proudly introduce UMW Blogs Arcade: “For that well deserved respite.” As always, we are eternally grateful to James Farmer and Edublogs for both the tip and the push to have this developed in association with Ring of Blogs -where … Continue reading

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Everyday’s a WPMu day @ bava

Today was quite a day in WordPress Multi-User (WPMu) land for me. I am finally starting to crank out some support documentation for UMW Blogs, it should be all done by next week. I’ll post when it is relatively complete … Continue reading

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WPMu Dashboard Switcher

If you are using a recent version of WordPress Multi-User (WPMu) one of the slick new features hacked by the now dearly missed forum moderator Dr. Mike (he ruled -having also come up with a sneaky workaround for sitewide tags … Continue reading

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WordPress and some questions about Blogland Security

I just read a post at Digizen discussion of IT Damager’s post about the constant security updates at WordPress. Now I know I am a fanboy and all, but the long list of security-related updates that IT Damager references in … Continue reading

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WPMu & bbPress integration

Well, I slightly dreaded the WordPress Multi-User and bbPress user integration I did today -but in the end it was a complete lay-up. I guess my tough luck with sitewide category tags in WPMU (I will accomplish this!!!) had me … Continue reading

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