EDUPUNK poster boy

Rev. EduPunk

Given that Mike Caulfield has already provided an awesome way to start thinking about the DIY spirit of EDUPUNK, I figured I’d do my part by shaving my head, busting out the sharpee, and sporting my WordPress hoodie (thank you, thank you Lloyd).

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13 Responses to “EDUPUNK poster boy”

  1. Lloyd Budd says:

    Awesome photo!

    You’re so ridiculous though, THANK YOU!

    Keep challenging us to make WordPress better.
    Keep showing us how to use these tools for entertainment and collaboration.
    Keep teaching us all how to get more out of the net.

    Thank you.

  2. […] his other blog, term-coiner Jim Groom provides an image of himself as the edupunk poster boy.  There’s a little badge on the bavatuesdays blog now – leading here — […]

  3. Jim,

    The picture really captures things…and I like the combination of images: tattooed fingers and a WordPress (not sure if Automatic are ‘corporate’ – but it’s a logo).

    As a long time WebCT (now Bb Vista) teacher, I’ve grown insanely jealous of every click necessary to do even the most basic things. So I’d drop myself into the rough category you’re defining here…but more for efficiency and flexibility reasons. So rather than spend my life reviewing discussion posts inelegantly in Bb Vista, I pushed most of our work to a Blogger website (Blogger allowed me to batch-enroll students…).

    So I can read posts through my Google Reader widget on my Google homepage, or really rock via an RSS feed to Outlook 2007. If I’m curious how many posts a student has made, I can sort them in seconds, quickly review them…and get a broad picture of their work. To do that in Bb/Moodle/Bb Vista would take 50 to 100 clicks…with the requisite screen refreshes. Multiply that by 80 students and the game is over.

    I see a lot of support for this kind of experimentation in the various instructional design offices I’m in touch with. The greater worry is that the digital divide just keeps growing: 80% of faculty struggle to post a syllabus in Bb, and 20% are off building whole new worlds…

    Anyway, I appreciate the term and it’s good to know others are out there slamming around.

    Here’s my class blog from this term:

  4. I love it. This is so you, Jim! Thanks for pushing the boundaries in the name of learning, regardless of the form or function.

  5. […] New York Times roundup of buzzwords for 2008, the word “Edupunk” (attributed to “Edupunk Poster Boy” Jim Groom) was included, with the following definition: A style of hands-on self-education […]

  6. Rob Dowling says:

    HO! HO! HO!
    My man.

  7. Reverend says:

    Rob Dowling!

    Rock on, I’ll be contacting you. But damn i’s good to hear from you again, hope all is well.

  8. […] apparu. C’est un fidèle précurseur du concept dont j’ai déjà parlé en juin 2008, Edupunk! J’ai aussi appris l’existence des Upcoming WordCampEd Events et d’une liste de […]

  9. […] amazed with what it can help us do. I have become somewhat of an Edupunk now. I strongly believe in Jim Groom’s DIY theory, which Professor Smith enforced in our class. Professor Smith’s do it yourself […]

  10. […] eigentlich sind Sie schon da, wie im o.a. Artikel bemerkt wurde der Begriff erstmalig in einem Blog von Jim Groom in 2008 geprägt. Gemeint ist hier der „Do-it-Yourself“ Lerner, der vernetzt, selbst seine […]

  11. […] liegen schon etwas länger zurück und wurden zum Beispiel mit dem Begriff des Edupunks durch Jim Groom bekannt (vgl. dazu auch […]

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